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Special Aperitif in Padua

In addition to preserving jewels such as the Scrovegni Chapel and Piazza delle Erbe, Padua is also the kingdom of the spritz, the cocktail recognized by the IBA (international association of barmen) with the name of “Venetian spritz”.

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What is it?

Famous all over the world, the drink was born during the Austrian domination between the 1700s and early 1800s: at the time the Habsburg soldiers tried our Venetian wines and, to make them less strong, they decided to extend them with carbonated water. Hence the term “spritz”, which derives from the German verb “spritzen”, to spray.

Best Places Where to Taste this Special Drink!
Bar Dei OseiPiazza della Frutta, 1
Historic and refurbished for less than a year, the Bar Dei Osei is the must meeting point for an aperitif in the square (Dei Frutti). Sandwich or sandwich with porchetta, glass of wine or spritz tumbler. The beauty is that by spending a little you can enter the history of the Paduan aperitif and, if you are not from the city, make the most local aperitif there is.Facebook-f

Corte ScontaVia dell’Arco, 9
If you find yourself having an aperitif late and with a hole in the stomach you have to take the cicchetto into account in your available budget. La Corte Sconta will tempt you with its excellent wines, but remember that if you want to save money and feel immediately cheerful, the spritz is the best choice, especially if it is well made and accompanied by a counter of cicchetti like this.Facebook-f

Agli AmiciVia Belzoni, 22
The Spritz Agli Amici is paid according to the chosen “correction”: Aperol, Campari, Cynar … in any case it is less expensive than the average and gives access to a small buffet. The clientele is young, the friendly atmosphere and the porch make life easy for those who love having an aperitif outdoors even when it’s raining outside.Facebook-f

Taste special gastronomic Italian food
Sandwiches, octopus, pizzas and boiled meat: lots of “street food” but not only. What are the “must” dishes to try in the city?
Orsucci’s Pizza
In 1922, the young Renato Orsucci, born in Altopascio, on the hills around Lucca, started a “Castagnaccio” shop in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II in Padua, the city where he had come to do his military service. In addition to the traditional Tuscan cake, made with chestnut flour, typical of the autumn season, Renato also ventured in making ice-cream, which he used to resell at a kiosk in Prato della Valle. Pizza came only a few years later and it was a success, so much so that today it’s still proposed by the founder’s grandson, Marco Orsucci, and wife, Paola.
Today as in the past, Orsucci bakes pizza and Castagnaccio in the typical moulds called “testi”, traditionally used in the areas between the Apennines and the Tyrrhenian Sea. The exquisite products are sold as in the past: wrapped in tissue paper and then enveloped in other branded sheets with the name of the place. Another specialty that you can find at the shop is the “fettunta,” a Tuscan bruschetta consisting of a simple slice of bread and olive oil.


The Great Boiled Meat from Padua by Giovanni
The Da Giovanni restaurant was opened in April 1950 as a restaurant with regional, seasonal and risotto specialties, it also offers homemade pasta, roast and boiled carts. Local completely renovated in September 2009. The kitchen and management have continued to be the same for over 60 years.Facebook

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La Folperia
Piazza della Frutta, 1
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Riviera Tiso da Camposampiero, 11
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Belle Parti
Via Belle Parti, 11
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Frascoli Bacaro
Via del Santo, 93
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Tola Rasa
Via Vicenza, 7
+39 049 723 032
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Amabile Padova
Via San Fermo, 59
+39 049 830 6113
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